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How We Are Run

The Club is run by its members.  There are limits on what we can do, as the Club was established under a Trust Deed.

We have a small management committee with representatives from each of the sports sections.  That committee oversees the running of the Club

Day-to-day management is in the hands of the Manager, Jon Rolfe.

Responsibility for the grounds rests with the Groundsman, Daniel Beckett-Pryor.

The management committee meets every two months - and members of the committee are always pleased to hear the views of other members.  We hold an annual general meeting in the summer months.

We see ourselves as part of the Warlingham community, and enjoy the status of Community Amateur Sports Club.

A representative of Tandridge District Council sits of the management committee and we seek to maintain close relations with the Council


Jon Rolfe - the Club Manager

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